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Rowan Blanchard's Facts

  • Her full name is Rowan Eleanor Blanchard.
  • Rowan has 3M dollars.
  • Rowan is a teen feminism.
  • Rowan had a YouTube channel.
  • Rowan was born one year after Boy Meets World ended and went back watch whole series before auditioning for Girl Meets World.
  • Rowan originally audition for Sabrina's character Maya.
  • Rowan idol and favorite actress is Emma Watson.
  • Sabrina is Rowan's best friend in real life.
  • Rowan is one smart girl.
  • Rowan loves Chocolate, Beyonce, and Harry Potter.
  • Rowan was in Jennifer Lopez's movie.
  • She done a lot commericals.
  • Rowan's first acting was riding on a bicycle commerical.
  • First Disney role that Rowan had is Dance-A-Lot-Robot she plays as Caitlin.
  • Her celebrity crush is Ansel Egrot
  • Rowan met Hillary Duff at the Teen Choice Awards 2015.
  • She doesn't listen to Taylor Swift much often.
  • Rowan loves the Beatles.
  • Rowan originally audition for the role of Maya Hart in Girl Meets World. But got the role of Riley Matthews instead due to her personally.
  • She loves the movie Moonlight.
  • Rowan is friends with Emma Watson.